Match Reports 2018

The end of the season

Last Thursday saw Llantwit travelling to Maesteg Celtic to play their last Rockwool Mixed Triples League game of the season. This was a rearranged fixture as a few weeks ago Llantwit left at 5pm only to discover that during our journey, torrential rain had totally flooded the Maesteg Celtic green! The weather was kinder this time although the sky was very overcast but the ominous rainclouds held off. The Maesteg green lacked a key component i.e. grass and was a challenge for Llantwit whose green lives up to the name with a lush playing surface, (thanks to the “green fairies”). Richard Bayliss, Dave Post and Mike Harmon were Llantwit’s best performers gaining a well deserved 11 – 11 draw, although at the last end it was fairly dark and you couldn’t see the scoreboard from rinkside! Ambrose Horgan, John Moisan and Paul Brown enjoyed a close tussle which saw the home team take a 16 – 12 victory. Stuart Comer, Graham Snowdon and Graham Merchant managed to win four ends but went down 24-8. Mike Eveleigh, Geoff Timms and John O’Brien had a rare off night and although they won three ends were soundly beaten 30-6. Overall match score 36-81, an enjoyable evening despite the result and the game played in a comradely fashion. Llantwit faired well on another rearranged away match earlier on in the week, this time to Pencoed, the floodlights, unusual for most bowling greens, came in handy towards the end of the game. Andy Vincent, Eric Sparks and Mike Harmon were the stars of the show with a well deserved 23 – 11 win. Ladies Captain Helen Nixon, Club Captain John Nixon and Team Captain Paul Brown had a closely fought encounter which resulted in a 17-17 draw. Due to a late withdrawal of one the Llantwit players due to illness, Stuart Comer and Graham Merchant put in an heroic performance to lose by one shot 15 -16 ,due to the rules this score was reduced by a quarter to see a 11.25 – 16 shots being recorded. Mike Eveleigh, Geoff Timms and John O’Brien won four ends but went down 12-22. Final adjusted match score 63.25 – 66, many thanks to Pencoed for an excellent post match buffet, once again a match played in a friendly supportive atmosphere which added to the pleasure. The week before saw Llantwit put in one of their best efforts of the season to emerge worthy winners at home against Maesteg Welfare. Stuart Comer, Mike Jones and Mike Harmon played a blinder taking thirteen of the eighteen ends played to emerge victors by 20-6. Helen Nixon, Carol Willmott and John Nixon also had a good night running out 20 – 13 winners and scoring a five and a six at the third and seventeenth ends respectively. Mike Eveleigh, Geoff Timms and John O’Brien had a tight match but took the last three ends to come away 16-13 winners. John Bailey, Ambrose Horgan and John Moisan managed to salvage a draw on the last end which saw the score of 14-14. Total match score 70-46 easily our best game in terms of results, a thoroughly enjoyable evening was rounded off with post match pasties and liquid refreshment served up by team captain Paul Brown. The previous week meant another home game against Pontyclun , Llantwit’s best rink was Ian Williamson, Dave Thomas and Geoff Timms who conceded two shots on the last end to lose 11-12. Dave Johnes, Lyn Fry and Ambrose Horgan saw the visitors score a four on the sixth end and a three on the seventh end to gain a 17-15 win. Richard Bayliss, Stuart Comer and John O’Brien conceded five shots to their opponents on the seventeenth end to go down by 14-16 at the close. Ken Williams, Mike Jones and Graham Snowdon were ten shots to none down on the eigth end and despite a brief rally eventually succumbed to lose 6 – 23. Match score 46-68, an enjoyable evening enlivened by the post match repast served up by team captain Paul Brown. Overall we have thoroughly enjoyed the season even managing to pull off a few wins! Thanks to all those who have played and our bus operators Ceri and Steve. Here’s looking to next season and hopefully attracting some new players to participate in a relaxed atmosphere meeting new friends and having an enjoyable time.

Rare win in the Rockwool Triples League

Last Thursday evening saw Llantwit Major securing a rare win in the Rockwool Triples League against their local rivals Cowbridge, the second year running that this was achieved! The win made up for the heavy defeat at Cowbridge earlier on in the season. Best home rink comprised Mike Eveleigh, Lyn Fry and Ambrose Horgan, playing as skip for the first time, they lead from the start and with a couple of fours on the eighth and eleventh ends ran out winners by 21 shots to Cowbridge’s 11. Richard Bayliss, Stuart Comer and Mike Harmon had a closely fought encounter eventually scoring four shots on the last end to secure a 16 – 13 victory. Ken Williams, Dave Thomas and John O’Brien also had a close game leading up to the sixteenth end only to lose three shots on the last two ends to see Cowbridge secure a 13 – 15 win. Dave Johnes, Mike Jones and John Moisan, also playing skip for the first time, were behind until the fifteenth end when they levelled the score only to concede one shot on each of the last two ends to also lose 13 – 15. Overall score 63-54.The game was played in a comradely spirit and an enjoyable evening was rounded off by both sides enjoying post match pasties and liquid refreshments served up by team captain Paul Brown.

The week before saw Llantwit travelling to Bridgend Bowls Club on a rain soaked Friday evening. Llantwit won on two rinks, Richard Bayliss, Andy Vincent and Mike Harmon having won the first end then lost the next two but levelled the score on the fifth end and with the exception of a three to Bridgend on the tenth end won the remaining ends to emerge winners by 15 – 7. John Bailey, Geoff Timms and John O’Brien had a very close tussle coming away with a 11 – 10 win. Dave Johnes, Mike Jones and Eric Sparks had a see-saw game with the lead changing several times but a series of one shot wins on the last four ends saw the home team emerge winners 7 – 13. Ian Williamson, Stuart Comer and Paul Brown struggled eventually losing 9 – 18. Overall score 42 – 48, thanks to Bridgend for the post match hospitality which concluded an enjoyable evening, even the rain held off until we had finished the match! Although we had an enjoyable evening, the home game against Pencoed was a heavy defeat, Llantwit’s pride was salvaged by a close win by Ken Williams, Stuart Comer and Geoff Timms who built up a steady lead but gave away six shots on the fifteenth end and a further four shots on the sixteenth end but managed to hang on to emerge winners by 23 – 21. Dave Johnes, Lyn Fry and Mike Harmon were playing catch up from the third end onward but couldn’t quite get there eventually going down by 11 – 14. John Bailey, Mike Jones and Graham Snowdon lead at the third end but then tailed off to see Pencoed secure a 11 – 28 win. Mike Eveleigh, Dave Thomas and Paul Brown had a nightmare evening and lost by 7 – 35. Overall score 52 – 98. Many thanks to John Moisan for serving the post match pasties and liquid refreshments.

Llantwit Loose by three shots against Bridgend Bowls Club

Llantwit Major Bowls club lost by three shots in their home Rockwool Mixed Triples League match against Bridgend Bowls Club last Thursday evening. Llantwit’s best rink Ian Williamson, Geoff Timms and John O’Brien led from the start and ran out winners by 15 shots to 9. Stuart Comer, Mike Jones and Mike Hughes also took an early lead but Bridgend fought back with the home rink eventually securing a 16 shots to 15 shots victory. Mike Eveleigh, Ambrose Horgan and Mike Harmon enjoyed a close tussle with the score lead changing a few times which saw Bridgend emerge as victors by 16 shots to 12. Ken Williams, Dave Johnes and Graham Snowdonstated slowly and despite coming back eventually lost by 19 shots to 14. An enjoyable mid summer solstice evening, rounded off by pasties and liquid refreshments served up by team captain Paul Brown, overall match score Llantwit Major 57, Bridgend 60.

Triples success for Llantwit Major Bowls Club – Thursday 24th May

Llantwit secured a home win against Maesteg Celtic last Thursday by 65 shots to 44. Light rain dampened proceedings, but the game was played in a warm spirit with good banter between the two sides. Llantwit had two very good rink performances, Dave Thomas, Geoff Timms and John O’Brien ran out 19 – 8 victors, whilst debutant Mike Hughes, who had an excellent game, together with Lyn Fry and Eric Sparks secured a 19 – 9 finish. Another debutee Stuart Comer alongside Arthur Hayes and Charles Hiscock put together a very fine effort resulting in a 17 – 10 success. Ken Williams, Graham Snowdon and Mike Harmon faced an eight year old amongst their opponents who,up against a sprightly senior some 77+ years older, helped his rink to a 17 – 10 win for the visitors. The usual post match hot pasties and liquid refreshment served by John Moisan and Team Captain Paul Brown were much appreciated and rounded off an enjoyable evening. PB

A Narrow Loss for Llantwit

Llantwit Major Bowls Club A team played their opening Rockwool Triples League match against Aberkenfig last Thursday evening. As the name suggests, the format is for rinks of three players each of whom have three bowls. Llantwit’s only winning rink was Ian Williamson, Geoff Timms and John O’Brien who scored well from the off and ran out convincing victors by 25 – 8. Richard Bayliss, Mike Jones, and Eric Sparks were one shot up on the seventeenth end but the away side took two shots on the last end to see a 15-16 score. A five on the sixteenth end by Aberkenfig saw Llantwit’s Dave Thomas, Graham Snowdon and Mike Harmon lose by 14 – 20. John Moisan, Dave Post and Paul Brown had an off night although they restricted the opposition to one shot per end for the first twelve ends, Aberkenfig scored well on from then eventually winning 8-24. Overall match score 62-68. The game was followed by hot pasties and liquid refreshments and a pleasant evening was had by all. PB


A Team Sunshine Success Against Millwood A – 5 May 2017

The bank holiday weekend sunshine brought success to Llantwit Major A team in their SVL home fixture against Millwood A last Saturday. Rink of the day comprised Ian Williamson, Mike Jones, Geoff Timms and John O’Brien who led from the start, taking the first five ends, and eventually winning by 20 – 12. Mike Everleigh, Dave Johnes, Mike Adams and Graham Merchant had a close tussle, but with the help of a four on the sixteenth end, saw a 19 – 11 win. Ambrose Horgan, Richard Bayliss, John Nixon and Mike Harmon also had a close game until the ninth end but a couple of threes and an excellent five on the seventeenth end secured a 19 -13 victory . Andy Vincent, Ken Williams, Les Fowler and Team Captain Paul Brown enjoyed a tight scrap with only a one shot lead on the seventeenth end but a superb shot by the skipper saw them run out 19 – 14 winners. Many thanks to the ladies for the scrumptious post match food. We shall have the opportunity to enjoy Millwood’s company again as we are both in the same division in the Cardiff and District Municipal League and will also play the return leg in the SVL at Millwood. All in all a thoroughly pleasant afternoon. PB

A Team Season Starts April 28 against Romilly

Llantwit Major Bowls Men’s A team got their season off to a start with a trip to Barry Romilly A team last Saturday. The weather was overcast and chilly which could sum up the match result from a Llantwit perspective! The fixture was the first leg of an SVL match played between A teams in the South Vale Bowls Association. Barry Romilly A team play two divisions higher than Llantwit Major in the Cardiff and District League and have won the SVL for the last few seasons. Llantwit’s best scoring rink comprised John Moisan, Ken Williams, Les Fowler and team captain Paul Brown, the scores were even after seven ends but Romilly scored well on the ninth and thirteenth ends to take a seven shot lead, Llantwit rallied on the fifteenth end with a four but Romilly ended up winning by 18 shots to 12. The Llantwit performance of the day was given by David Johnes, David Thomas, Dave Post and Graham Merchant who were 15 to 1 down on the eighth end but rallied to narrow the deficit to 15 -24 at the match end. Ian Williamson, Andy Vincent, Geoff Timms and John O’Brien scored well, but a six by Romilly on the ninth end and one per end for seven of the last eight ends for Romilly saw them emerge as winners by 8 – 20. Mike Eveleigh, Richard Bayliss, Pat Twomey and Mike Harmon also went down by 9 – 22 although they did rally at the latter end of the match. Overall a well deserved win by Barry Romilly, who laid on an excellent post match buffet which was thoroughly enjoyed by Llantwit, as was the good natured banter between the teams which contributed to what was, despite the result, a very enjoyable afternoon. We look forward to welcoming Barry Romilly in the return leg later in the season and hope for better luck then. PB